Friday, February 18, 2011

"The Race"

Well, I've been thinking a lot of how to encourage our children who are athletes.  They are all incredibly talented, and yet, such perfectionists.  That perfectionism seems to get in the way at times as they are so hard on themselves, and, at times, don't have a realistic view of where they are, or how God is working in and hopefully through them.  As their mom, sometimes I struggle, wanting to say the right things, encourage them, give them a pep talk, etc.  Often, I feel like I fall miserably short (hmmmm....maybe there is a link there, eh?).  

I started thinking about how one might visualize what they are doing and having the Triune God there supporting their endeavors.  While maybe terribly simplistic, this is what I came up with: 

Holly has a race this weekend.  And, I was envisioning that it was a race toward heaven.  As Holly races to  the finish line, God, the Father is standing, expectantly, excitedly, with His arms open wide, ready to scoop Holly into His arms, swing her around in a circle (like any dad does with his little girl!) and tell her what a good job she did, how proud he is of her and how very much he loves her.  At the sideline is Jesus, coaching and cheering her on; "You got this Holly!"  "You can do this!"  "You can do all things!"  He is excited too, knowing that the Holy Spirit is right there with her, encouraging her;  "We can do strength is made perfect in weakness...God gets the glory!!"  The stands are full of the heavenly host, all cheering Holly and God!! 

Feel Inspired?!  I do.  This is how it is with our life, REALLY!  

Feel Challenged?!  I do.  I want to "run" my life with a childlike faith that desires to please her father, whose faith is such that it leads me and takes me the distance.  I want to impact others in a positive way that gives glory to where or to whom it belongs.  

I know I fall so short, yet, God's arms are still outstretched and he is rejoicing.  Jesus is still leading and coaching, reminding me that it's not me, it's Him.  And the Holy Spirit is there, gently reminding me, guiding my steps, redirecting me each time a stray.  So, I am encouraged.

Run the race in such a way as to win.....

P.S.  First of all, do you do P.S.'s in blogs?  I guess you do now!  Hope you don't mind Holly! :) Love you!  Also, this blog makes me extremely nervous, as I do not often post thoughts like this too many places.  But, sometimes you "just gotta"!  

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

worst run ever...well it would have been

Today I had the WORST RUN EVER....well it would have been, but I was inspired by my trainer, Helga, my marine type boy, and by the story of the Tortoise and the Hare and the Snail swirling around in my brain....that and given the fact that I was keeping my eyes peeled for the fairy from Pinnochio, who I know is around, due to the fact that so many of the plastic birds on metal posts that people usually put in their yards were walking around!!!  Seriously, you should see them!!!

Anyway, I ran around 1 1/4 miles and my lungs seized up.  I ended up walking 1/4 of a mile, about 3 blocks, feeling awful!!  Then, I thought, I just need to run home.  Then, I ran a little longer, wanting to make up that 1/4 of a mile.  Then, I thought Helga might tell me to run/walk the last mile, so I started out running, slowly, and lo and behold, I kept running, slowly, and made it another 1 and 1/4 miles.  Way to go Helga!!

Well, you are probably still stuck back on the

You all know the story of the Tortoise and the Hare...and that the Tortoise won and the Hare was surprised!!  Well, everyone calls it a day and moves on to the next tale.  What they don't know is that at the starting line, when the gun went off, there was also a snail.  They all thought the snail was just "there".  But really, the snail had joined in the race.  Only he was really, really SLOW.  He had spent all winter snug in his shell, trying to stay warm.  He hadn't worked out like he should, and he had DEFINITELY had TOO MUCH fried food while he had company!  But, he decided that there was "no time like the present" to the races.

When the gun went off, he started with the other two, but he went out too fast, and he realized he had forgotten some of his running gear, like his "shell" brace.   However, he was afraid to go back, because he knew himself, and he knew that, if he went back now, he would probably just curl up in his shell and call it a day.  So, on he ran...on and on and on...slowly, ever so slowly...he even felt ill and thought he was going to be sick.

Finally, he made it to the finish line.  There wasn't anyone there to cheer, but he didn't mind.  He hadn't run the race to have fans, but rather, to help get himself fit.  He had the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from "gutting it out".  He moved to the nearest tree, cleaned up and rested....content......

So, as Paul Harvey always said...."now you know the rest of the story"!!