Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Homeschooling basics...gee, schooling basics

Okay....having had some time to myself this morning, well, shopping, getting gas, running errands, I had a little time to think about what I need to "stress over" with my kids and school and life. For us, I think it boils down to just a few things really, the rest is all "fluff". So, here goes:

1. That we try to foster an ongoing personal relationship with God for each of our children. We can't control this, but we can encourage them, share the word, pray with and for them, and ultimately, depend on our loving and all powerful Father to draw them to Him. (By the way, as much as we might want this for them, He wants it ever so much more!)

2. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic! Yep...that's it! While there are college requirements to cover, feel totally at ease just introducing those topics. I don't need them to totally comprehend them. (In fact, I don't think I will ever get the Math to physics, but, the concepts, to me are just plain "common sense" concepts.) With the 3R's I am now confident, having had children of all levels upon entering college, that they can not only get into college, or whatever trade they want, but that they can do well and exceed "expectations" as educational administrators like to say.

3. I also want them to learn to "love life", and what it brings, to enjoy learning, etc. I pray for this, I try to model it. I fail miserably sometimes, but again, I need to leave it in God's hands (although sometimes, being a control freak, that it hard).

Well, there it morning's mind meandering.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My friend "Susie" or random ramblings on GPS Units

I have a friend, her name is Susie.  Well, ummmm, actually, Susie is not a person, in fact, she's not even living.  But, she comes to my rescue day after day after day after...well, I think you get the point. 

Susie is actually the voice on the GPS service we buy from Verizon.  For me, I habitually get lost, even in places I've lived and been.  Why is this?  Well, when someone is not in the car with me, I get to thinking about what I have to do next, or singing, or praying, or daydreaming or...who knows?!  When people are with me, I get distracted while talking to them, and often pass my exit, etc.  Occasionally they remind me, which is helpful!

Part of the problem is, that when I get off track, I usually decide, "Oh well, I can just turn here, and work my way to where I was going a different way."  Why oh why do I do that?!!!!  I NEVER end up the right way.  I NEVER end up turning in the right direction.  When I should be going left, I usually pick right; when I should be going right, I pick left. 

On the topic of North, South, East, and West; the only time I can pick the right way is if it is sunset or sunrise, and only if it is not cloudy.  Most of the time, I am sure roads are going a different direction than they really are.  And then here in Florida, there are lakes to drive around.  There are freeways that are marked East/West, while they are really North/South.

Okay, back to Susie.  Today, on Facebook, one of my friends commented on how everyone's GPS has been given a girl's name.  Well, I suppose that most GPS units and services use a woman's voice to communicate with us poor, directionless individuals.  Maybe the providers assume that mostly women are using the devices and would prefer to hear a woman.  However, I think a soothing male voice would be good.

I just heard a study that said that women are more likely to remember something if it is spoken in a lower voice.   I'm thinking that to James Earl Jones' voice is perfect for this sort of situation!  His voice is so much more soothing than a higher voice.  I'm thinking that it would calm the panic of those of us who are lost and trying to find our way.  I'm thinking it would keep up was yelling back at our "Susies" when she tells us either recalculating route (I get that a lot, because even with Susie, I decide on "short cuts"), or "take the next legal U turn".

Maybe we can petition for an app. from James Earl Johns......