Friday, December 28, 2012

A Fairy Tale For Christmas - A story for my family

A Fairy Tale For Christmas

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, a little princess was born into the world.  The world was not a perfect place, but, nonetheless, she was happy and she was loved.  She also wanted for nothing, being well fed and provided for.  Unlike so many of the fairy tales, her parents were not evil or wicked in the fairy tale way.  They were loving and caring.  She may not have had all the material belongings, but,
somehow, that didn’t matter.  She had the more important things.

The girl discovered very early on that she was loved by the Highest King.  This influenced her outlook as life came at her.  She grew up happily; dancing, singing, playing, reading, and doing all the things princesses do.  Again, I’m not saying that her home was perfect, but what was perfect is that she was loved, by her parents, and, as it turns out, by the High King.

Her Mom introduced her to the High King, she herself being good friends with Him.  It turns out, the King pursued them, made it possible for an intimate friendship.  His friendship has been instrumental in the princess’ life, helping her, counseling her, comforting her, healing her, offering hope, and ultimately, an inheritance beyond all measure.

Well, one of the things the princess dreamed of was to grow up, be a wife, a teacher, a mom, be....well, I’m sure there were more things, but that’s all that comes to mind.  She followed many different divergent paths trying to find a path to these things.  

One Day, December 5th, a handsome and debonair prince asked her if she would consider marrying him.  She said that was interesting, not because she wasn’t interested, but rather, just that day, she had been dreaming of that very thing. Just like a fairy tale, her prince swooped her off her feet!

The next summer, they were married.  Now, the prince’s and princess’ lives became one great adventure.  They were soon blessed with a baby girl, and then a baby boy, and then another baby girl, then another baby girl, then another baby boy, and another baby girl, and finally, another baby boy.  All of these children were and are very important to them and they loved and love each of them intensely.  Even when sadness struck, their love for their children continued.  

The high king taught them how to care for their children.  They did not
always parent perfectly or right.  And they did not always know what to do or how to help, but, they always, ALWAYS loved their children.  They sought to provide for them, instruct them, give them some of their desires, give them good memories.  They introduced them to the High King, hoping that they would be friends with Him too.

As the children grew, the prince and princess were immensely proud of them. They all developed in different and diverging ways.  They had their own set of ups and downs.  They had their own set of talents and gifts.  The princess hoped that they would have happy memories of their childhood and as good a grounding and a start in their lives as she did.  

I guess time will tell, but, I can tell you much about that princess.  She is still very, very happy to be married to her ‘better that Prince Charming’ Prince, her still best
friend!  She is blessed to have a wonderful relationship and friendship with her own mother.  And she is wildly crazy about all her children.  She is proud of each of them!  She loves the friendships that are developing between her and them.  She loves each of them forever!  She is excited at who they are and who they are becoming!  She prays for them and she hopes for them, she cares for them.

As you have already figured out, I am that princess.  I have had a fairy tale life, not in ‘make believe’ land, but rather in the ‘here and now’, because God has blessed me with my family.  He has allowed me to grow up to be what I dreamed of being, a wife, a mom, and a teacher.  He has blessed me with each of you.  Besides  his most wonderful, incomprehensible, everlasting, most fantastic gift of eternal life through Jesus and the work that he started at Christmas, he has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams.  

This Christmas, I wanted to share my “didn’t make it up”, real life tale with you.  I hope you are blessed by how God has blessed me.  I love you all will all my heart and I hope that you will feel God’s love through me and understand, at least a little, how wildly crazy in love He is with each of you.

Merry Christmas!!

P.S.  A side story line to this tale is the tale of how the princess got both a brother and a sister, from very different places.  She also considers herself quite blessed by the fact that they show up in her fairy tale world and in her life!  They filled in the missing puzzle pieces and she is very, very grateful for them, their love, their fellowship, their friendship.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Please Be Careful With My Heart"

I was just listening to music on you tube, and came across this singer and song:

Sarah Geronimo (Please Be Careful With My Heart).  I found the singer first (and liked her voice) so started looking up songs.  This is not really about her, but about thoughts this song stirred.

I know that some (probably including our children) think us quite strict when it comes to dating, boy/girl issues, etc.  While I could spend time explaining our position, that's not really what I was thinking about but rather WHY we have our position.

We realize that young love is a wonderful thing.  But, we want our children to wait and trust God to lead them when they are old enough to make serious decisions about relationships.  Often, the teens involved in romantic relationship end up getting their hearts hurt.  It is so our desire that our children's hearts are whole, happy, and complete when they are ready to commit to a spouse.  It is my desire that they can go into a relationship free from so many of the difficulties that happen as a result of the hurts they have already faced.  Marriage in this world can be difficult enough as it is, and there are so many pressures put on us by society as well.

Dan and I value our children's hearts and how valuable they are.  We hope they can save them for their future spouse.  What an incredible gift that would be.

Monday, March 12, 2012

1/2 Marathon

I completed my first 1/2 marathon yesterday.  I didn't know what to expect, but it was definitely fun, and I would like to do it again.  I went with my friend, Stacey, who is a little energizer bunny.  I quickly sent her on ahead of me.  She wanted and did have a p.r.  Such a great runner!!!  (Yes, that's you Stacey!!!)  I met some wonderful people, (tri people...they are awesome!), who I ran most of the race with.  They were encouraging and helpful.  They pulled ahead of me the last mile, but came back to make sure I made it.  Also, they had some great suggestions for my next event.

Working with a muscle injury in my back, weak knees, (one injured), braced ankles and a toe injury, I didn't know what to expect.  I used K-Tape on my back, one knee and toe.  I wore my ankle braces, knees braces and a back brace (which I don't think helped...I had it for extra support, but it didn't really stay in place).   Anyway, I didn't feel any discomfort in any of the areas I usually struggle with.  And, today, the only thing that is achy is my knee that I didn't use the tape on, but only mildly, and, of course, my muscles. :)

The tri-runners I ran with were using a trainer.  I found that quite helpful and think I would like to get one to train with.  I think it will help me focus better, especially on the days I am running alone, which is most of the time these days.  I never thought about quitting, although, I must confess, I felt like laying down on the side of the road a couple of times to take a nap, but I didn't give in. :)  I kept telling myself that this is way easier than childbirth...(what can I say, that thought motivated me!).  Holly met me there and went with me the last mile.  I knew she was walking back to find me, which helped me on mile 11.

At mile 11 on, I found my hands to have swollen!  Yikes!  I was pretty sure that was NOT normal.  When Holly found me, she agreed.  NOT NORMAL!  But, I was close to the end, and it didn't hurt.  I FINISHED!!  YAY!!!  And, my hands and feet were swollen and my skin rather reddish.  Turns out, I was probably somewhat dehydrated.  (I am still suffering from the headache!  Thank heavens for Vit. I!)
Who knew that drinking water was not enough!  (Well, it turns out, most people do.  But, I absolutely cannot swallow the gel things that people use.  I did manage at mile 4 to choke down 2 gel cubes.  At mile 8 I tried some "gu" sick immediately....I think it must be what eating vaseline would be like...ugh!!)  So, I'm going to be working at finding something I can consume on these occasions, as well as long runs (starting with what my sister-in-law suggested.  Her husband does Ironmans, so I'm pretty sure it is a good place to start!)

A side note, I have the sweetest husband!  He sent me encouraging texts and it felt like he was right there with me.  He wanted to be on the sides, cheering, but was needed at home with other kids.  He is AMAZING!!

So, today, the day after, I am taking it easy, trying to get rid of this headache, and looking for my next 1/2!  Also, I'm looking for a 5K that maybe Dan and I, and any others of our family (Vince?, Holly?, Noel?, Joy?, Jerry?, Mom?) can do.  Then, I'm looking for a very easy Tri for at least Noel and myself.  Then, maybe another 1/2 in the fall.  This was the inaugural for the Swamphouse 1/2.  I loved that it was so close to home, really, closer than the theme parks.  I hope to do it again next year!

Having finished the race, I'm just thankful to have been able to do it.

See you next year at the swamp :)!

Monday, February 20, 2012

On another forum, someone suggested discussion what we would like to teach our's my short, random list :)

What would I teach my children?

1. To follow hard after God & memorize as much scripture as possible before adult life hits hard.

2. To get a college degree, no matter how long it takes and really no matter what it costs, if it's
within reasonable perimeters.

3. To be willing to work hard, to be willing to work for what is important.

4. To run. It's good for the body, mind and soul.

5. To be generous. It brings contentment.

6. To not judge too quickly, to remember that "things" are often different then how they appear.

7. To pray, hard. (I loved a little slogan from some time ago: Make war on the floor!)

8. To forgive often.

9. To be honest out loud.

10. It's okay to let a baby cry, but it's okay to hold them and not let
them cry too...

That's all I got for now... :)