Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Please Be Careful With My Heart"

I was just listening to music on you tube, and came across this singer and song:

Sarah Geronimo (Please Be Careful With My Heart).  I found the singer first (and liked her voice) so started looking up songs.  This is not really about her, but about thoughts this song stirred.

I know that some (probably including our children) think us quite strict when it comes to dating, boy/girl issues, etc.  While I could spend time explaining our position, that's not really what I was thinking about but rather WHY we have our position.

We realize that young love is a wonderful thing.  But, we want our children to wait and trust God to lead them when they are old enough to make serious decisions about relationships.  Often, the teens involved in romantic relationship end up getting their hearts hurt.  It is so our desire that our children's hearts are whole, happy, and complete when they are ready to commit to a spouse.  It is my desire that they can go into a relationship free from so many of the difficulties that happen as a result of the hurts they have already faced.  Marriage in this world can be difficult enough as it is, and there are so many pressures put on us by society as well.

Dan and I value our children's hearts and how valuable they are.  We hope they can save them for their future spouse.  What an incredible gift that would be.