Sunday, January 12, 2014

For those interested in getting your kids into sports, may I recommend the following 2 sports and 3 clubs:

First:  Running, create a lifelong healthy habit.  Central Florida Gliders!  This is by far the best sports club I have ever had the privilege to be associated with!  They work with all ages of children/youth and all abilities.  And they genuinely care about the kids, more so than just "winning".  Also, they are very, very, very affordable.  Don't tax your budget with more expensive sports unless your child is crazy passionate about another sport.   I wish this had been an option for all my children!

Second: Swimming!  Running and swimming actually go hand and hand and are such good life investments!  The Patriots Aquatic program is second to none in the area!  They also work with all levels and encourage growth at all levels.  They are a bit more expensive than running, but still not like some sports.  Another option is the YMCA's swim program.  Your youth can be involved for a small nominal monthly fee and still get quality instruction and competition at all levels!

One last thing on sports.  I appreciate all the coaches my children have had and all the work they have done.  That being said, follow your "gut" for your own child/children.  Know one knows them better than you!

Running and swimming, swimming and running!

Not only are these my biggest 2 recommendations, but they also serve as good cross training sports for other sports.  Your athletes, in my opinion, would benefit from this and the social interaction provided and you would save TONS of money in the process!

Okay, my unofficial, or maybe official sports advice of the day.....

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