Friday, April 18, 2014

"The Darling of Heaven Crucified"

Further musings on the suffering of Noel Sandon's surgery and the support of family in contrast to the cross:

After surgery, Dan and I were escorted up to ICU to see Noel. Wow! It was hard to see him all hooked up and with a tube in his mouth and down his throat, so that he couldn't talk at all.....

When Noel saw Dan and I walk into the room, he motioned firmly with both hands for us to get over to him quickly. Dan and I rushed to his side, said comforting words, all the while praying that this part of the suffering would be over soon.

The support of Dan and I was immediately and noticeably beneficial to Noel. He seem to gain visible strength from our presence. So much so, that the nurses cautiously allowed us to 2 by 2 bring up the rest of the family. With each visitor, Noel gained strength and momentum towards recover. After the first round, they were able to remove the tubes. The nurses were astounded...but that's what family does, rallies around their loved ones while they are suffering...

Not so with Jesus and his heavenly see, the Bible tells us that God is too pure to "look on evil" . His nature is just that good. As a result, this caused a separation between him and his creation. But he answered this problem in the person of Jesus. But, in order for it to work, he had to pay the price....

When Jesus was paying the price for all mankind: "once for all", he cried out to his Father for support: but the Father could not give it....he had to look away...he had to let the drama play out!

Can you imagine if Dan and I hadn't responded to Noel's call to his bedside?! Can you imagine the result?! Can you imagine the anguish of Jesus when his father did not respond?! 
you imagine the anguish of the Father as his son called out and he could not answer, for if he did, it would have been "all for naught"?!

This moves me to tears....and breaks my heart....and causes great and unending thankfulness......

"High and lifted up
Jesus Son of God
The Darling of Heaven crucified"

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